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"The bottom line, whether it's an ad-based platform…an ad-based publisher like Twitter or Facebook, or whether it's a technology company, Google, they all use the network and you ultimately cannot fight the network." — @adam #noagenda 1061

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Interviewer: What's your biggest strength?

Me: I'm an expert in machine learning.

Interviewer: What's 9 + 10?

Me: Its 3.

Interviewer: Not even close. It's 19.

Me: It's 16.

Interviewer: Wrong. Its still 19.

Me: It's 18.

Interviewer: No, it's 19.

Me: it's 19.

Interviewer: You're hired!

The current “Platform” purge is not about politics or community standards. It’s about ads.

In America the Advertiser is God.

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r u better than twitter ? if yes rt this

Saw a lot of new traffic in federated space yesterday. I believe the Twitter api change created refugees out of certain 3d party app users.

I’m pretty sure most have been mis-evangelized and will be disappointed when they can’t find people to fight with.

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@mastohost Pretty slick experience setting up my instance. Thank you for your hard work.

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