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"The bottom line, whether it's an ad-based platform…an ad-based publisher like Twitter or Facebook, or whether it's a technology company, Google, they all use the network and you ultimately cannot fight the network." — @adam #noagenda 1061

@mastohost Not sure what happened, but they look in order now.

@mastohost Looks like I already have this as my DNS records :-)

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Interviewer: What's your biggest strength?

Me: I'm an expert in machine learning.

Interviewer: What's 9 + 10?

Me: Its 3.

Interviewer: Not even close. It's 19.

Me: It's 16.

Interviewer: Wrong. Its still 19.

Me: It's 18.

Interviewer: No, it's 19.

Me: it's 19.

Interviewer: You're hired!

@IntegralDuChemin start up an instance and invite them in.

@mastohost Try to stay independent. Money will start coming to you. Be careful and seek advice. You have the right idea.

The current “Platform” purge is not about politics or community standards. It’s about ads.

In America the Advertiser is God.

@mastohost Not just good, it’s important. Follow Matt Mullenweg’s path.

@freemo And I thought my vanity call sign was cool :-)

@mastohost Keep at it Hugo! You are the Wordpress of social networks!

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